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This journal belongs to me, and to Skye, Mischa and Birch. What more is there to say? The more you read, the more you'll know. We'd like to be your friends, if you'll let us...
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No one ever reads these, but I'll try [12 Oct 2009|03:04am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Does anyone know of any sort of cosplay photoshoot things going on sometime in the fall, before it's really freaking cold? I still really really want pictures of my ancient Peter Pan costume that I have NO pictures of, and I ideally wanted them in the fall, in some woods. Someone got my hopes up at fanexpo that this might be the year, but it seems that it's fallen through, since I haven't heard anything since. I know no one is going to be willing to do a shoot just for me, so if there are any going on, please let me know! ;o;

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my current state of (un)health [21 Sep 2009|06:00pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Not that anyone talks to me or sees me on a regular basis, but in case anyone cares, this is what has been going on.

Around fanexpo, I started not being able to eat properly. Pretty much this meant that I started to feel sick anytime I ate anything. As time passed, it got worse, and I could eat less and less. I lost probably 3 pounds, and started getting depressed, because eating is one of the only things I have to look forward to on a regular basis. The whole thing culminated with me passing out at work and sitting in a hospital for 5 hours before being told they couldn't do anything and being sent home. Since that failed, I turned to the internet, and I think I have found the problem, though there is no real solution.

I'm almost 100% sure that I have dyspepsia, which basically means that, for the moment at least, my digestive system has ceased to function. The condition is chronic so I'll probably never get rid of it entirely, so basically I just have to wait for this particular attack to go away. Even stuff like ensure makes me sick, so I've been living on gatorade. I haven't eaten anything at all for the past 3 days, I can't go to work and I barely have the energy to walk around the house. On top of that I got cramps, which are always very severe, and both the medicines that I take for that are specifically said to aggravate dyspepsia, so I just had to suffer with them. As for my lazy stomach, I can ease my suffering by taking acid blocking medication, but nothing besides my stomach changing its mind is going to make me be able to eat again.

In the meantime....I AM SO BORED.

That is all.

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[ mood | sore ]

Could anyone possibly spare some time on Sunday to do a shoot (even a small one) for England and America? Those costumes were a lot of work, and we still have no decent pictures of them. =_=

Also, stillvisions, I would still really love the England/Japan set from you in a size that we can print. How can I get them from you? Email or something...?

In other news, nothing new for fanexpo, unless you count spy!Lithuania and Estonia, which aren't even canon. But I have a Poland...;o;

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Argh. [17 Aug 2009|10:54pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

So, I lost my brand new phone.

Apparently it fell out of my bag sometime during the trip home from High Park yesterday. Supposedly it was spotted in the bag on the TTC, and I can't imagine not noticing it falling out if that's what happened, but apparently it's NOT in Victoria's car like we hoped it was.

I've only had that phone for a month, so my plan won't give me a new one. And I can't AFFORD a new one. Also, my SIM card was in the one I lost. >_<


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meme time~ [15 Aug 2009|12:49am]
[ mood | discontent ]

From viewpoints
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

My Life According To Robyn Hitchcock!Collapse )

Not that anyone will notice, but I won't be around tomorrow because I'll be in Richmond Hill helping the former Soviet Union to win WWIII. >_>

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New journal [05 Aug 2009|12:09am]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Today I made a new journal, in which I will be posting scraps of writing, like mini-fics and in character rants that have previously been cluttering up your friends pages, and possibly some art if I feel like it. This means two things - one, if you want to see these things for some reason, you'll have to post so I can friend you, since it will be friends only, and two, I probably won't use this journal much anymore, since I never post about real life unless it's cosplay plans.

The new journal is freeze_my_heart.

That is all.

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I just had to do this... [18 Jul 2009|10:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

...although the person who will appreciate it the most has no computer right now.

Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence and these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST book.

"Why not the whipping post?" one of the others asked.

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*sigh* [09 Jul 2009|07:16pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

To everyone intelligent, have fun at Polaris this weekend.

To everyone else, all you retards come to the Northern Anime Retard Festival and visit maid!Toris.

That is all.

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*sigh* [02 Jul 2009|02:23am]
[ mood | drained ]

Dear Ivan,

Please stop being so distracting. I try not to think about you, but it never works. If I keep thinking about you, my work will suffer. And then you will punish me.

...and then I'll think about THAT, and I'll be distracted again.

Love, Toris

P.S. It would help if your sister were less hot distracting also, although I know you don't really have any control over that.

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Just because I'm bored... [25 Jun 2009|11:20pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

...it's time for a rambling entry.

In general I'm bored and rather displeased with everything. I doubt this is going to change anytime soon. That being said, here are my plans for the next little while.

July 1st - Hetalia Canada Day picnic, somewhere in Mel Lastman square? Sheena's getting me to be Canada, despite my protestations that I look like ass as a blonde. I've been blonde too many times this year already and I don't like it. But there might be cupcakes, which is fine. Also, it's being arranged by the cute Belgium from the cosplay picnic. xD

July 5th - Summerlicious. Original plans were to wear the Austria and Hungary outfits we were making for NAF...this isn't happening for two reasons, one being that we expected Summerlicious to happen on the 19th, and also that we are no longer doing those outfits for NAF. Austria and Hungary will probably still go and try to make a date of it, but they won't have cute clothes. =P

July 11th - 12th - NAF (or NARF), the Northern Anime (Retard) Festival. Puny ass con in Oshawa that no one will go to since the event planner insists on making it the same weekend as Polaris. Only going because we're running staff-like things with friends. One day will be spent in a maid/butler cafe as maid!Lithuania (the rest of that day I'll probably be wandering around as Ciel), and the other day we will be running a Hetalia panel as America and England that probably won't get nearly as controversial as I want it to. However, I'll do my best to stir shit up. This might be the only chance I have to defend myself.

Sometime in August - People are planning some sort of Hetalia laser tag thing. Since I love both Hetalia and laser tag, this is highly relevant to my interests. Current plan is to go as spy!versions of Lithuania (me), Estonia (Sheena) and Russia (Phin). We may or may not end up getting a Latvia. The same people are planning a picnic for the day after, which we're a little at odds about. Sheena wants to go but has been complaining about 'too much closet cosplay' (although we're making just about everything about our spy outfits from scratch), but as long as Phin is still being Russia I intend to let Toris go and cook. I'd really like to do an alternate outfit for him but that seems a little unlikely at this point unless I find some way to fake the sash and learn to embroider again by then. ^^;

For Fan Expo, I honestly don't know. I suppose there's a possibility we'll rewear US/UK, or do the Austria and Hungary outfits that we're no longer doing for NAF. The original plan was a revolutionary war lightsaber battle, but the way Sheena's going I really can't see her getting those outfits done for then.

On a completely unrelated note, if there are any photoshoots that anyone is doing in any sort of wooded areas, let me know. I'll dye my hair red again and crash it as Peter Pan, since I still love that costume and still have no photos of it at all.

...and now to go continue being bored and pissed off about tomorrow. I don't know what to wear in this godawful weather.

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"I Believe..." [23 Jun 2009|12:06am]
[ mood | devious ]

"It's my belief that every man
Should do his share of work,
And in our economic plan
No citizen should shirk.
That in return each one should get
His meed of fold and food,
And feel that all his toil and sweat
Is for the common good.

It's my belief that every chap
Should have an equal start,
And there should be no handicap
To hinder his depart;
That there be fairness in the fight,
And justice in the race,
And every lad should have the right
To win his proper place.

It's my belief that people should
Be neither rich nor poor;
That none should suffer servitude,
And all should be secure.
That wealth is loot, and rank is rot,
And foul is class and clan;
That to succeed a man may not
Exploit his brother man.

It's my belief that heritage
And usury are wrong;
That each should win a worthy wage
And sing an honest song...
Not one like this - for though I rue
The wrong of life, I flout it.
Alas! I'm not prepared to do
A goddamn thing about it."

...that is all.

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Hetalia Meme [22 Jun 2009|06:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Cut for long memenessCollapse )


The winner is...

LITHUANIA (Toris Lorinaitis) with 80%. Not terribly surprising.

Second is Poland with 70% (LOL) and third is Italy with 60%.

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Random meme [18 Jun 2009|07:32pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Stolen from stillvisions and viewpoints

You just received a brand new doll who makes their own costumes, me!

- What 3 costumes would you dress me in? (Pictures please!)
- What series / versions are they?
- Why would you want to see me in that costume?

let's see if anyone answers this...

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I haven't done one of these for a while. [07 Jun 2009|01:52am]
[ mood | discontent ]

IC and mildly scandalous brain dump in an attempt to not go crazy. Feel free to ignore.Collapse )

...unless you enjoy my terrible writing, that is.

P.S. You don't know me at all and I hope I never meet you, because I just might kill you. Yes, I might. In fact, I'm pretty sure I would. I'm purposely not going to find out what you look like so I can't kill you if I meet you accidentally. =3

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AN '09: Hold My Dick [27 May 2009|09:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]

At the Hetalia photoshoot at Anime North this year, England decided to strike out on his own, with a personal mission..."How many nations can I get to hold my dick?"

...and now for something completely different...Collapse )

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Because I feel like I should post... [25 May 2009|12:41am]
[ mood | amused ]

In which I sum up Anime North 2009...Collapse )

In other words, this is the most fun we've had at AN for literally YEARS. For once there was nothing to ruin it. =3

That is all...next up, cosplay picnic. =D

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For Louise, and anyone else going to Kariya on Saturday... [05 May 2009|09:22pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Sheena's working and I was thinking of going just for something to do. The only thing is, I don't want to be all alone...;o;

Is everyone that's going driving or getting a ride, and coming from the opposite direction as me? I was thinking maybe I could just change in a bathroom at Square One or something, but once I put a wig on, I'll have to keep it on the whole way home. Really all I have to wear is Hungary, but that's okay because only Amanda got pictures of that costume, so asking Kevin to do it won't be THAT stupid.

I know Louise usually drives Amanda back, but there's probably a good reason for her going so far out of her way...I guess because Amanda does us a favour by taking pictures? I don't know if you're willing to drive me home or not, but if you are, I'll feed you borscht, I'm making some on Thursday! ;o;

...it's sad when I start trying to bribe people with borscht, isn't it?

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AMANDA AND LOUISE [17 Apr 2009|09:46pm]
[ mood | listless ]

Amanda: Please bring my DS back tomorrow, I am sad and bereft without it. XD

Louise: I will try to remember to give you that wig tomorrow.

Pretty much all that's left now is to put the buttons on my pants and get my hair cut. I hope closet-Klaus isn't too crappy next to the awesomeness that is Violet. <3

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Random cosplay and pipe dreams thereof [15 Apr 2009|09:12pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]


I finally got some pictures of Austria and Hungary from MTAC, and posted them on my cosplay.com account. The gallery can be found here.

Other plans that may fall through or be changed are as follows-

LibraryCon - I wasn't actually going to go to this, but finding out that Louise is going and wearing Violet is making me go. Book cosplay to LibraryCon is awesome. Sheena suggested that I go as Louise's Klaus, and Louise didn't actually refuse, so I'm going to do it. This is pretty much definite, I found everything I needed to do a decent movie version at the Valuable Village today, we just have to modify my pants a little. Also, I will be sacrificing my hair for this, but whatever, it grows back. And we're going to a library, so I don't even have to bring a book as a prop! XD

Kariya Park photoshoot - Ideally, I'd really love to do UK/Japan to this. The main problem here will be wigs...my clothes would be closeted anyway, and I'm sure that even Sheena could make a kimono and hakama in a couple of days, since there's no real drafting involved. The other problem is whether or not she can decide on fabric and buy it in time. If we can't do that, we'll wear Austria and Hungary again, but...UK and Japan would be so perfect. T_T

Anime North - Clearly we're doing the cafe again because we're stupid, but we're not running Friday and we don't start until 8:00 pm on Saturday. Therefore, the goal is to wear Austria and Hungary on Friday, and US/UK the other two days. We'll be at the Hetalia picnic for about an hour and a half, then we have to leave to run the cafe. But at least we'll have most of Saturday to wear those costumes. Be sure to catch us on Sunday if you want to see the 'patriotic boxers' versions. xD

I think that's about all. Time to go eat some borscht, and see what can be done about Klaus's pants. I was supposed to go to a Robyn Hitchcock concert tomorrow at the Mod Club, but he's sick so it's been postponed. At least that means I have a random day off tomorrow.

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Dear Amanda and Louise... [12 Apr 2009|08:19pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

To Amanda: I appear to have left my DS either somewhere at your house or in Louise's car, since it is no longer with me. If I could get that back next weekend, that would be awesome.

To Louise: We forgot to give you that wig, didn't we? Sorry, we are morons. We can give it to you next weekend if we go to LibraryCon.

P.S. If you still wants a Klaus I will be glad to attempt it. Will do anything for Violet, even if I have to be related to her. XD

P.P.S. You know that if you be our Germany, the Axis Powers might actually be awesome for once. =D

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